The History of Haiti Timeline is a new electronic resource available through the Brown University Libraries website. The project is the result of a final project by Kona Shen for the Africana Studies department in 2008.

The timeline uses pictures, quotes, and other images to make the story of the Haitian Revolution accessible to students around the world through online resources. The timeline chapters are:

  • Spanish Rule
  • French Rule and Tensions in the Colony
  • The French Revolution Begins
  • Slave Resistance Gains Momentum
  • Haitian Revolution Begins
  • The Revolution Builds
  • Upheavals in France and Saint Domingue
  • Toussaint Louverture in Power
  • General Leclerc in Saint-Domingue
  • The Final Years of the Revolution
  • Haitian Independence
  • Resources

Find the full timeline here.

This timeline was the recipient of the Brown University Undergraduate Research Award in 2009.

Kona Shen also contributed to The Choices Program curriculum, “The Haitian Revolution,” available here.