Last May, GOALS was launched as a new soccer-for-development initiative in Haiti’s most impoverished communities. It’s been an exciting year, and has seen the organization accomplish a tremendous amount on the ground with limited resources. Each month, we are able to work with more children and their families, and our proven successes has drawn support from around the world. Today, over 300 children are a part of GOALS’ programs and we have an in-country staff of 6 local Haitian residents. The story of this first year, the numbers, the details on our ongoing work are all detailed in GOALS’ first annual report. To view the report in pdf format, please click here.

The progress that GOALS has made in Haiti in the past year is thanks to you. We are incredibly grateful for your support, your encouragement, and your commitment to helping GOALS achieve its mission of using soccer to improve the quality of life for children and their communities. Today, hundreds of children who are leading healthier and happier lives thanks to the programs we have only just begun. With the release of our first annual report, we have one, simple goal:

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