After spending about 3 years working in Leogane, Haiti to start & grow GOALS, I made my move back home to Seattle this summer. Living in Haiti was an incredible, jam-packed experience. Thanks to luck, hard work, & unending support, GOALS has helped over 6,300 people to date through programs that use soccer to improve quality of life. We tackle health, education, leadership & – my favorite – gender equality in rural communities where no other services are available. Even though I’m not in Haiti full-time anymore, our programs are continuing full steam ahead & we are hiring a Country Director to help manage and expand our work. Next September, I’ll begin grad school (after deferring this year), allowing for a nice long transition to a new role in GOALS.
To celebrate the first 3 years of GOALS, I’ve joined a friend’s new fundraising campaign to help increase access to education for our Haitian kiddos. My personal goal is to raise $3,000 to celebrate my 3 years of being based in Leogane, from my first 9 months in a tent to my last few months with increasing electricity. My page is here: If you can donate anything at all, from $1 on up, I’d appreciate your support. Multiples of 3 would be especially appreciated ($3, $33…) because as it turns out, all those years in Haiti only encouraged this type of nerdiness!
Along those lines, but much more importantly, I want to offer a huge, huge thank you for everything my friends and family have done for GOALS since 2010. I’m truly awed by all of their support, in all its forms, and incredibly grateful for their help. Their efforts have constantly wowed me, and I’ve appreciated every single bit of it.
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