Untangling fishing line in Destra (2007)

After a long period of planning and preparation, I’ll be stepping down at the end of the year as Executive Director of GOALS. The talented Jolinda Hackett will be taking over, and I’ll continue to serve GOALS as a member of theBoard of Directors. (Read the official announcement here.)

It has been over three years since I started GOALS. The organization grew quickly and keeping up with it has been the best kind of roller coaster experience. I’ve been able to talk about our highlights a lot, but there have been countless  hard and humbling moments that have meant just as much. I’m looking forward to be going back to graduate school next fall to help my formal education keep pace with what I’ve learned in Haiti. I’m still very curious about all the ways that development programs can most effectively help improve lives. I graduated in 2010, and getting a chance to study this again full-time sounds amazing.

Leogane is my second home, and one that I’m very grateful to have. There is always something to be excited about, or surprised by, in Haiti. Maybe this is because we work with a wide range of people, from babies to teenagers to grandparents. Or maybe it’s because we try to work in the most remote, extreme areas of Haiti we can. But I’m convinced that it’s because the people we work with, and the programs we keep improving, really are special.

We have accomplished a lot in the past few years, including one thing that still sounds a little crazy – making serious development work fun, and in the process, more sustainable and impactful as a result. But then again, a lot of things that sounded crazy in 2010 have come to pass. I’ve been constantly surprised by how much we’ve been able to achieve despite the odds.In retrospect, more than anything else, GOALS has taught me to dare to dream bigger. Thank you to everyone who has helped GOALS make a difference since 2010.

So with that, happy new year! Here’s hoping that your biggest dreams come true in 2014. 

Leogane (2012)