I’m just back from a month-long road trip that took me through California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Utah – 5,000 miles in all. It was a fascinating way to see these areas of the country. From drought-stricken California to the Colorado Rockies, it seemed nearly impossible that one country could encompass such diversity.

The range wasn’t merely geographical, of course. There were depressed towns with shuttered main streets and  stunning National Parks filled with visitors. In Arizona, flags were flown at half mast on the one year anniversary of the deaths of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. In Texas, I helped feed the cows on my grandfather’s cattle ranch and listened to him tell stories about his father in WWI. In Colorado, my family camped on a Telluride mesa that had more elk nearby than people. It was an amazing month, and one that’s captured in these photos. Happy summer!

Near Yantis, Texas
road trip 041
Hiking near Telluride, Colorado (#nofilter!)
road trip 084
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
Hiking and running at Arches National Park
Hiking and running at Arches National Park
The unbelievable Coral Pink Sand Dune State Park in Utah. Snapped this on my iphone 4 and that’s it – zero editing!