A Year in Numbers

GOALS Haiti has just released its 2014 Annual Report! The report is beautiful, and a great way to check out what the organization has accomplished in the last year. I’m always excited to share our annual reports, but especially so this year. 2014 marks the first year of our new Executive Director, Jolinda Hackett.

I’ve always felt that starting a non-profit organization is less remarkable than being able to step away when the time is right. For GOALS, that transition was an incredibly smooth one thanks to the talents and hard work of Jolinda. The recent accomplishments of her and our Leogane-based team prove this.

The organization has only become stronger in the last year as GOALS has continued to help more and more people in Haiti. This is not just because of what the organization does but how it does it. By partnering with communities, empowering youth and training local leaders to identify problems and tackle them, GOALS is able to address sustainable long-term change in a powerful way. Because our programs are based on soccer, and the crazy passion that kids have for the game, all this serious work is also fun.

Thank you to everyone who has supported GOALS, and a big congratulations to everyone in the organization on four big years!