On the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, remembering what it was like when the storm swept through Leogane, Haiti

Kona Shen

The road to Destra

Hurricane Sandy has been drenching Leogane for the past few days. Heavy rains and strong winds have caused widespread flooding, blocked roads, and loss of life and property. Families are evacuating with what they can carry. The damage seems to have exceeded anyone’s expectations, and as I write this, the rain shows no sign of letting up. MINUSTAH helped GOALS reach flooded rural communities, where we distributed UNICEF hygiene kits and some bread. The need in these areas remains extremely high, and are getting more severe as the storm continues.

GOALS hit the road this morning to visit Carrefour Croix and Destra, which have been hit the worst. There is water everywhere. Rivers, canals and fields that are usually bone-dry are overflowing. Flash floods are one of the main ways that people die because of storms in Haiti.

Flooding in Leogane (by Chris Baird)

Because of…

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