The Stanford International Policy Studies MA students are currently hard at work around the world! Emma Kelsey is a strategic planning intern with Accion, a global nonprofit microlending organization. Emma is reporting from Colombia this summer and has already written about her first day in country here.

Accion Ambassadors Blog

Outside the arrivals terminal at the Medellín airport, I was scanning the busy road for a bus that would take me to the center of town. My internet research had told me that a taxi would cost about 60,000 pesos. Though this translates to roughly $23, on my student budget I was determined to find the cheaper option. Sure enough, I located a bus with “Medellín Centro” painted in showy green letters in the window, and hopped on in exchange for a bargain 9,000-peso fare. I sat in one of the few remaining seats on the bus, next to an elderly nun wearing a habit and a warm smile. She asked with whom I was traveling, and, like all the Colombians that I had told about my long-weekend travel plans, expressed some surprise that I would travel alone. But, unlike those acquaintances in Bogotá who were concerned that I would…

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